Disponibilité de XOOPS 2.5.9 version Fr

Date 06/02/2019 | Sujet : Versions

La version XOOPS 2.5.9 est sortie depuis un certain temps mais elle n'était pas encore disponible en version francisée.

Cette version inclue :
- La compatibilité PHP 7.1,
- Des mises à jour de thèmes,
- Une installation et mise à jour de XOOPS modernisées,
- Le chargement multiple de fichiers pour le gestionnaire d'images et pour les avatars,
- Les fonctionnalités Bootstrap sur les formulaires,
- Des corrections de bugs.

De plus, XOOPS 2.5.9 dispose d'une importance mise à jour de sécurité. Il est fortement conseillé de passer à XOOPS 2.5.9 rapidement.

Vous pouvez télécharger XOOPS 2.5.9 FR ici

Un guide (en anglais) est disponible pour l'installation et la mise à jour de XOOPS sur GitBook : https://www.gitbook.com/book/xoops/xoops-2-5-9-install-upgrade
2.5.9 Final 2017-08-01
- fix issue with establishing database character set under mysqli
- Add PHP4 same name constructor shim in XoopsMailer (geekwright)
- Some cleanup in xBootstrap to reduce setup for users, especially with publisher
- fix with pre-install reporting (zyspec)
- Streamline setup for publisher with xBootstrap (geekwright)
- various "Assign by reference" issues in PHP 7 (geekwright/mamba/ggoffy)
- Icons for Edit, Delete, Download (bleekk)
- use HTML5 br tags consistently (mamba)
- Publisher templates cleanup in xBootstrap (geekwright)
- Change set charset behavior for mysqli
- bug in mysqldatabase.php in XOOPS_DB_CHARSET for PHP < 5.5 (mamba)
- Update makedata.php (luciorota)
- Backport Smarty securityToken plugin (geekwright)
- Add a table property to handlers (geekwright)
- Fix occasional issues using xoops_loadLanguage('locale') (geekwright)
- Docblock fix for getHandler functions (geekwright)
- Correct help/module_index in system (geekwright)
- fixed missing language constants (mamba)
- Fix Bug #141 for avatar, userrank, smilies(mage)
- improved upload class (mage)
- fix Report error on database connection (geekwright)
- fix Correct protector connection (geekwright)
- Update help.tpl (cesagonchu)
- Module Changelog in UTF-8 (mamba)
- update system_siteclosed for xbootstrap (liomj)
- make clean exit after delivering file in browse.php (geekwright)
- fix XoopsObjectTree issues (geekwright)
- various CSS and template tweaks (geekwright)
- xos_kernel_Xoops2 reference issues (geekwright)
- Implement Footer Blocks in xbootstrap theme (liamj/geekwright)
- Bug in ProfileProfileHandler::get() (geekwright)
- XoopsFormDateTime - time only option(geekwright)
- Move to HTML5 syntax (geekwright)
- changing icons in User Admin for consistency (mamba)
- fixes for Publisher templates in xBootstrap (mamba)
- Highlight Update System Module in upgrade(geekwright)
- add recaptch2 support (mage)
- fix login over IPv6 during upgrade (mage)
- fix display of HTML5 banners in admin (mage)
- profile module, hide ICQ, AIM, YIM and MSNM fields by default
- profile module, us dhtml editor for signatures
- use public suffix list when determining cookie domain
- add polyfill for mb string, most functions always available if without extension
- new admin theme - Transition (bitcero)
- add XoopsObjectTree::makeSelectElement(), return tree as XoopsFormSelect (geekwright, mage)
- Bootstrap form support with XoopsFormRenderer (geekwright, mage)
- new templates to allow more consistent theme overrides (geekwright, mage)
(system_comments_controls.tpl system_search.tpl system_popup_header.tpl, system_popup_footer.tpl)
- Multi-file uploads for Image Manager, Avatars (mage)
- PHP 7.1 compatibility fixes (mamba, geekwright)
- set XOOPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN during install and set in mainfile.php
- recommend Intl extension
- add 'rendered' key to XoopsForm::assign(), allows template to choose rendered or by element
- add lexikon templates for xBootstrap (bleekk)
- removed extras/modules/system/admin/filemanager/
- installer updated
- upgrader updated
- theme changes: removed sucio and zetagenesis, added xswatch
- error in search links (mage)
- multiple issues in profile module (mage, trabis, geekwright)
- issue with xBootstrap slider (mage)
- XoopsFormSelectUsers issues
- fix theme selection in install (mage)
- Update \ModuleAdmin::renderAbout() PayPal donations (zyspec)
- xbootstrap updates (mamba)
- XoopsObject returns integer for XOBJ_DTYPE_INT vars
- some accessibility fixed (tad0616)
- fix serialization issues with XOBJ_DTYPE_ARRAY
- deprecate system module "Cookie" class
- fix issues reported by JPCERT/CC
- fix issues reported by Mustafa Hasan
- fix regressions in system theme select block
- fix template search order issues
- fix white screen issue with text sanitiser wiki support
- fix extgallery template issues (mamba)
- added missing tooltip.js in transition GUI (ihackcode)
- fix issues with transition admin theme (bitcero)
- fix moduleadmin message formatting (mage)
- move iconv extension from optional to required in install
- fix issues publicly posted by jgj212, ADLab of Venustech

Updated libraries and assets:
- jQuery 3.2.1 (mamba)
- jQuery UI 1.12.1 (mamba)
- jGrowl to 1.4.5 (mamba)
- Tabs jQuery Tools to 1.2.7 (mamba)
- jQuery Lightbox to 1.2.3 (mamba)
- jQuery Form to 3.5.1 (mamba)
- jQuery Tablesorter to 2.26.6 (mamba)
- phpThumb to 1.7.14-201607141354 (mamba)
- Bootstrap 3.3.7 in xBootstrap theme (geekwright, mamba)
- HTML Purifier to 4.9.3 (mamba)
- PHPMailer to 5.2.21
- XMF to 1.2.10
- Font Awesome 4.7.0 now included

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