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CKeditor 3.6.3 pour Xoops

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Nous avons procédé à la mise à jour de l'éditeur javascript "WYSIWYG" CKeditor pour Xoops à la version 3.6.3

Changelog (en anglais) de la version 3.6.3

New features:

  • #7430 : Justify commands now perform alignment on the element when an image is selected.
  • #8706 : Better ARIA accessibility for the color picker dialog window.
  • #7366 : Editor paste function is now available on browser toolbar and context menu.

Fixed issues:

  • #8634 : [IE] Command execution always returns true in IE browsers.
  • #8333 : Dialog windows can now be closed with the Esc key even if there is no Cancel button available.
  • #8644 : Missing variable declaration in the dialog plugin.
  • #8699 : Focus is now moved to the clicked button and back to color picker dialog window opener (button) in all browsers after the dialog window is closed.
  • #8132 : [IE9] Link line gets broken when it contains a br tag.
  • #8629 : Optimize float panel layout when there is not enough space in the viewport.
  • #7955 : [FF] Page Up and Page Down in the WYSIWYG mode cause the selection to become lost.
  • #8698 : Esc key does not close the color picker dialog window.
  • #8413 : HTML comment nodes break content styling in tables.
  • #7932, #8643 : [IE] Clicking below the content region scrolls the page to the top.
  • #5538, #8729 : [IE] Focus jump results in incorrect context menu display.
  • #6359 : [IE] Selectable area in blank WYSIWYG editor is too small.
  • #7326, #8074 : [FF] Scrolling does not work correctly in editor with large amount of text.
  • #8630 : HTML events are now disabled when loading data.
  • #8433 : [IE9] Use W3C event model.
  • #8691 : [IE] Pasting invalid HTML crashes the browser.
  • #8345 : [IE] Selection is not properly restored after closing the Link dialog window.
  • #6308 : Vertical-only resize imposes fixed width on editor chrome.
  • #7360 : [WebKit] WYSIWYG area sometimes does not resize with the chrome.
  • #5527 : Do not encode the # character sent from the file browser.
  • #8014 : Autogrow now stretches to fit the content when switching editor modes.
  • #8249 : Inconsistent behavior with the Backspace key used at the start of a list item.
  • #8617 : [WebKit] Selection becomes broken after an inline style is opened.
  • #8527 : Insertion with cursor before an empty anchor is error-prone.
  • #8632 : Cursor panic when the Backspace key is used in a list item.
  • #8455 : Mousedown focus is too agressive.
  • #8475 : Issue with deleting elements with inline styling in tables.
  • #8324 : [IE8] Undo generates an error when a control type element is selected.
  • #7946 : Find and Replace dialog window result does not scroll into view when the editor is off the viewport.
  • #8157 : Flash/IFrame dialog window cannot be closed when displayed over Flash/IFrame with dialog_startupFocusTab set to true.
  • #8305 : Text direction lost when converting a paragraph to a list.
  • #8379 : The cursor moves to the start of the document when inserting a row or column is undone.
  • #6666 : Removed references to element.all.
  • #8732 : Issue when CKEDITOR.range::enlarge passes through comment nodes.
  • #7492 : The Style system can now use overrides with the same element (change classes instead of nesting).
  • #6111 : Splitting table cells results in incorrect column spans.
  • #8247 : [IE] Error when aligning a document with page breaks inside of contents.
  • #8540 : Orphan texts inside a list or table are now properly fixed.
  • #8774 : The Entities plugin can now be configured to only output XML entities.
  • #8602 : Image source is now properly hidden when running data through the data processor.
  • #8812 : [IE] Issues with the native range translation with comments in the DOM.
  • #7907 : Decreasing indentation of a RTL block in a list item loses text direction.
  • #8835 : Right margin on IE<8 removed to avoid mouse click confusion.
  • #8400 : [IE] Script error when closing the Cell Properties dialog window if the table cell text is selected.
  • #8248 : [IE8] Issues with Backspace and Del keys when used at the start or end of list items.
  • #8855 : [Chrome] Issue with the popup window size in Chrome 18 makes it impossible to view the file browser window.
  • #8407 : Unneeded aria-posinset and aria-setsize for a list block are now removed.
  • #8701 : Highlight field in the color picker does not show the correct color when keyboard navigation is used.
  • #8509 : Table height gets copied from the width value when the Advanced tab is hidden.
  • #8432 : [IE8] openDialog('image') error.
  • #8493 : [IE] It is impossible to add a link to the selected text.
  • #8528 : Redundant imagePreviewBoxId in the Image Properties dialog window is now removed.
  • #8864 : [IE] Fix ARIA presentation of toolbar rich combo in JAWS.
  • #8459 : Fix wrong undo step on enter key.
  • #8895 : Editing anchors using the Link dialog window could not work in release version.
  • #8876 : link element in the floating panels have been moved to head.
  • Updated the following language files as submitted to the CKEditor UI Translation Center: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, Faroese, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Macedonian, Norwegian (BokmĂĄl and Nynorsk), Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Uighur, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh.
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